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Fascinating Nature I - Landscapes

Gogol Lobmayr gained fame as photographer and director by producing the Nature Art Film "Fascinating Nature - The most spectacular Landscapes in the World" in 1995.

This great 35mm film had its world premiere at the cinemas of the Munich "Forum der Technik". With up to four shows per day the performances were fully booked over several months. More than 300.000 viewers were reached in German cinemas with only a minimum of about 30 copies. Fascinating Nature is known as the best German documentary of the last decades.

Fascinating Nature II - Colours of Earth

The second part of the Fascinating Nature Trilogy was a special concept for planetarium projection. Its premiere was 1999 in the Munich Planetarium and it was a bestseller for more than 18 months.

The original film material was now super 35mm, filmed as 4perf and 4:3 aspect ratio with the excellent ARRI camera. The high quality digital cinema projection was performed after telecine by means of several high power beamers onto the planetarium dome.

Fascinating Nature III - Seven Seasons

The final third part of the Fascinating Nature Trilogy provides the discovery of the Seven Seasons. Since we have not only four, but really seven archetypes of climatic seasons on our planet.

Spring, Summer, Dryness, Storm, Rain, Fall, Winter. At some places these archetypes do change in the annual cycle. In other regions we will find only one or two seasonal archetypes all over the year.

Wonderful World

Gogol Lobmayr's current project is called "Wonderful World". In hundred minutes, the production will present scenes of some of the most beautiful countries, cities and regions of the world.

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Gogol Lobmayr worked as a unit manager for the famous german TV series "Tatort".

  • Die Kugel im Leib (1979)
  • Der Feinkosthändler (1978)
  • Lockruf (1978)
  • Rechnung mit einer Unbekannten (1978)