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Gogol Lobmayr's Film Library

In over 25 years as a filmmaker and globe trotter, Gogol Lobmayr has built up the largest private film library in Europe. Until 1995, this material was mainly available in 35mm film. Since then, most if it is available in Super 35mm. In addition, this material is also available in Super 16mm film as well as in HD.

The library includes documentary and travel films on film and video from all corners of the world. From National Parks in the USA to the myriad of cities, the worlds oceans and the polar regions. Gogol Lobmayr's film library includes everything the heart desires.

In total, the Lobmayr film library includes more than 400 hours of high quality film footage.

For you to gain glimpse of how comprehensive and varied the Library is, included in the link below is a small picture gallery. If you are looking for pictures that move you, look at the trailers of his projects as well as the "film clips".

In the event the material you are seeking is not in the Library, we can offer special production services. Just contact us, as we may already plan to shoot in a country which interests you and may be able to include optimizing our plans to pick up your desired footage.

Additional services

  • HDTV copies / telecine. Scanning film in 1920/1080 digital cinema formats
  • Editing or enlarging in PAL and HDTV footage
  • Excellent film material on Super 35mm, 35mm film, HD digital cinema, HD cam, HDV, PAL digital betacam, also for artwork, advertising, etc.
  • Gogol Lobmayr's 35mm footage is also available in PAL 4:3 online

For TV rights and international usage for Fascinating nature 1, 2, or 3, please talk to Telepool, Munich.