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Gogol Lobmayr

Filmmaker - Director - Cameraman - Producer

After graduating with a degree in Architecture, Gogol Lobmayr concentrated on producing documentaries. At first he worked as a camera assistant at the Bavarian TV Network. In 1982, he created his own production company.

In his more than 30 years of work as a cameraman, director and producer, Gogol Lobmayr has perfected a skill with the Super 35mm film technology to such an unparalleled level of excellence that his film footage is now renowned and in demand around the world. Many of his films became best sellers and are now available on Blue-ray, DVD, VHS and CD soundtracks.

The Bavarian-born Lobmayr loves the beauty of nature above all, and that is why most of his work is dedicated to this theme. In the "Fascinating Nature" Trilogy, Lobmayr shows the most beautiful landscapes of the world and, without the distraction of any commentary, reveals the Worlds spectacular geologic wonders and nature's magical encounters with its animals set purely against the tapestry of relaxing musical soundtrack. Along the way Gogol Lobmayr produced a multiplicity of travel documentaries.

Further information on Gogol Lobmayr's creation can be found in the "projects" section or in this article from ARRI News

At the moment, Gogol Lobmayr is working on his next project, "Wonderful World". You can get an early glimpse of this in links to click on "film clips".

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